Saturday, October 27, 2012

BD One Last Chance Logline #32

GENRE: MG contemporary thriller

In a "Beauty and the Beast" twist, thirteen-year-old disgraced socialite Jessa Hughes is sentenced to summer camp in the Trinity Alps where she discovers Isaac, a fourteen-year-old boy who is seven feet tall, hairy, and just might be Bigfoot.


  1. Ha! Sounds very fun and imaginative! Summer camp with a fairytale twist. This seems like a great way to tell a story about accepting who we are - in all our special differences. I like the title too - it's layered. I wonder what will happen between Jessa and Isaac?

  2. Hmmm. I like it. I definitely want to know more. I don't know much about socialites, but never imagined a 13 year old could be one. Does she discover Isaac, as in, finds in the woods. Or does she meet him at school.

    Good luck.

  3. Great title! Sounds like a fun read! You may have trouble pitching your story as MG with a 14-year-old boy.

  4. Good work! Like Bill, I'm not convinced a 13-year-old can be a socialite. How about "popular" or a version thereof.

  5. I like this. It's solid. And I didn't have any problem with the word socialite. I immediately had an image of Paris Hilton with a dig tucked under her arm.:) Good job!

  6. I like this a lot! =)

    Only two things tripped me up...the words "socialite" and "sentenced."

    I'm agreeing with the other posts that socialite for a 13 yr-old might be a stretch. I'd try a different word...popular? fashionable? celebrity wanna-be? Obviously, you know best what fits your story.

    Also, is Jessa ACTUALLY "sentenced" to summer camp or are her parents making her go? Maybe try to specify.

    Great job! You've summed things up quite nicely in just a few words. That's hard to do!

  7. Love this!!

    I wouldn't change a thing.

  8. Love it!!!

    And these days, I think 13-year-olds can be socialites, which is just sad. They should all be lucky enough to get "sentenced" to summer camp to gain some perspective on life.