Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer, Summer, Summertime

It’s July.  *Pauses for reaction* I know, I can’t believe it either.  Summer is in full swing here in the States and that means BBQs, pool parties and trips to the beach are mandatory, because summer is synonymous with vacation. 

Apparently, summer didn’t get the memo that aspiring writers such as me don’t get vacations when deadline clocks are ticking.

Not that I’m complaining--I love what I do.  I get to escape reality through my writing, everyday.  The summertime weather has made my writing productivity skyrocket, and I’ve been in a good mood for weeks.  Why would I want to put the breaks on that high-speed brain train barreling toward my career goals, just to sit on a beach and enjoy a lazy day with my family? 

I think it’s important I address the whole “taking a break” rule.  Everyone needs a break, even me, the workaholic hermit.  Maybe even especially me, since I haven’t taken a real vacation in about 5 years.  A day or two off here and there are great refreshers, but sometimes you just need to shut down and fully recharge your batteries. 

Next week, my husband and I are taking the whole week off.  I can’t promise that I’ll stay true to my word and not work (I’m an artist, and if inspiration hits, I have to run with it), but I’m REALLY going to try.  *Crosses fingers* I swear, I’m going to relax and enjoy some lazy time for once.

You can start taking bets now.

Now for an update on Unnatural:  I was chatting with a writer recently about my difficulties getting my first full-length novel perfect.  “I don’t know what I’m missing, but there’s something I’m not seeing and I just want to get it right finally.  I’m so close!”  I said. 

In a few sentences, she made me realize exactly what I’ve been missing this whole time. 

See, I’ve written a dual genre book (paranormal romance).  I’ve been so focused on editing the romance that I’ve neglected reviewing and editing the paranormal without meaning to.  The paranormal is what headlines this book, the romance is just the side show; hence why it comes second in the genre listing.  Since talking with her, I’ve been looking at Unnatural with brand-new eyes, and I have to say, with a renewed excitement, too.  In my gut, I feel like I’ve finally done it. 

Of course, an agent could tell me differently, but for the first time since getting my critiques back, I don’t feel lost in all the little tweaks and tune-ups.  I now know my novel is my best version of “perfect”.  I can only hope someone sees it that way, too, and wants to help me make this manuscript a published book.   

With any luck, I could be officially querying by August.  I’ll make sure to let you all know how possible that really is, after my vacation next week.  *Winks*

This could be the best summer ever…