Saturday, October 27, 2012

BD One Last Chance Logline #12

Round 3 Original Post #36

Title: Lifeweaver
Genre: Epic Fantasy

When Talyn gained the ability to transfer death from one person to another, he never imagined the king would exploit such miracles to incite a war. Now, he'll have to commit treason and rely on the honor of a convicted murderer if he wants to prevent thousands of deaths -- including his own.


  1. I think this one works! Don't have any suggestions. :)

  2. Neither do I. This story kicks serious butt. Good luck!

  3. This premise is really interesting and you have high stakes, but I'm not sure I'm really following. What first threw me was the use of "miracle" in the opening line. I'm guessing that if you are the recipient of someone else's death, you aren't going to consider that a "miracle." And how is Talyn relying on the honor of a convicted murderer? What is the situation here? I wonder if adding a little detail would help fill this out.