Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hello, Stranger...

It's March. 

It's March, and I have been so wrapped up in writing, querying, researching agents of awesomeness and absorbed in life outside of this blog (My kids and The Walking Dead especially, those of you who follow me on Twitter can attest to that), that you may be feeling a little neglected. I'm sorry! I promise, I have not forgotten you lovelies who have been here for me. I couldn't, ever.

The pages here have been dusted and updated, finally. I really hope to be updating them again, soon, with news of representation! 

In waves, I have been submitting to my carefully curated list of agents, at random and in no particular order. No joke, I have trouble breathing every time I compose a letter, and my heart pounds when I hover the mouse over the "send" button. Legit, shaking hands and everything else that goes with nerves. Sadly, I have received a handful of rejections; it hasn't stung as badly as I anticipated. BUT I've also received some requests, too! Thrilling and scary, but mostly, nerve wracking. "Waiting is hard!", my four-year-old says. He's right. My anticipation level is higher than ever before.

I feel a little like a flake because after all of my hard work, all of the time and energy and effort I've dedicated, I realized I didn't edit the info pages here correctly, so they remained outdated. For that, I'm embarrassed (and apologize to anyone researching me for the misinformation), but I will not let that happen again. I'm usually obsessive about having things in perfect order, too, trying to be a consummate professional, so it's like an itch in my brain now. Rookie mistake, lesson learned! And once I learn a lesson, it sticks, trust me. I can't let my excitement and nerves cloud things. 

While I'm patiently awaiting responses--with everything crossed--I'm focusing the rest of my writing energy on some unfinished mansucripts, as well as round one of revisions on one ms and round two on another ms. A new beta reader recently read SOURCE and said she couldn't put it down, which echoed someone else who read it not too long ago. That is the type of validation I needed, and I think it may be part of the reason I've taken the rejections well. One day, I hope that my novels elicit that response from readers worldwide. 

I've missed this, terribly. All of it. Being back at it, pounding the keyboard, racing to jot down thoughts and dialogue, overflowing with creativity and energy, it's...well, it's electrifying. The ever amazing Jen Malone has been such a huge help, too, which has made the process even more wonderful. I hope each of you reading this get to experience the joy and passion I've been feeling.

That's about all for today. If you want an update sooner rather than later, check my Twitter (@KTCrowley), as I'll be sure to update that with breaking news first. 

Wish me luck! <3