Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Call Logline #16

TITLE: Apple Boxes
GENRE: MG Contemporary

What do you do when life hands you a bunch of apple boxes? You move.
Again. Jayden believes it will mean a long, lonely summer before
starting her third Jr. High.  But does it? Between the flasher, the
funeral, and Fishbait the cat, Jayden’s summer is anything but boring.
And starting a new school…well, that’s always exciting, isn’t it?

Last Call Logline #15

TITLE: Harold - The Kid Who Ruined My Life and Saved the Day
GENRE: MG, contemporary

Twelve-year-old Jake is D-O-N-E with Harold. Sure Harold’s a genius when it comes to baseball trivia and Algebra but he also has Asperger’s and a knack for ruining Jake’s social life. Jake will do anything to ditch Harold and the Titans, Jake’s second place baseball team since first grade, for a chance to play shortstop for the undefeated Comets.

Last Call Logline #14

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Genre: YA Sci-Fi

Seventeen-year-old Juliet Eisley is a genetically engineered loner without much hope – until she apprentices misanthropic medical genius Quinn Aldrick, whose life’s work could salvage thousands of engineered lives. But just as Aldrick’s dark and dangerous world starts to feel like home, Juliet discovers she may be the unwilling subject of her new mentor’s ultimate experiment.

Last Call Logline #13

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TITLE: Faithless Rose
GENRE: YA Paranormal
Killed at the hands of King Henry VIII’s men and brought back to life as a succubus, seventeen-year-old Amelia Godwin cannot change her fate. She can however, change the fate of her kidnapped twin brother, if only she can find him. But, the threat of being hunted makes Amelia realize, in order to save her brother, she must first save herself.

Last Call Logline #12

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TITLE: Imminent
GENRE: YA Paranormal Romance

When seventeen-year-old Alexa learns she generates the power needed to sustain a race, she finds herself locked in a battle over mankind between two paranormal species. With her side in the war predetermined by her love for a Sentinel, Alexa knows she alone can end the chaos, but it could change Alexa's life and humanity forever...or kill her.

Last Call Logline #11

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TITLE: Jane, Body and Soul
GENRE: YA Light Sci Fi

When his first love is killed in a prom night accident, teen genius Daniel stuns the world by using radical new medical research to bring her back to life. Now Jane’s body is failing, doctors are baffled, and she’s more interested in her “near-death experiences” than in recovering. Daniel must find a way to save Jane or watch her die again.

Last Call Logline #10

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GENRE: YA Contemporary

When her parents’ divorce uproots Huntington Beach native Dani to Sun Valley, Idaho, she isn’t stoked to trade in her surfboard for skis. But when a cute shredder named Cash gets her hooked on snowboarding, Dani must decide if she wants the future at USC she’d planned, or if her heart has found an unlikely home in the mountains, after all.

Last Call Logline #9

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Genre: MG (magical realism)
Twelve-year-old Mandy finds an ancestor’s journal at Grandpa’s farmhouse, reads a flying spell… and grows strange, leathery wings! Flying is fantastic, but at school Mandy’s an outsider, too freaky. Her absentee mother shows up with Hollywood plans for her Winged Wonder Girl – but a glamorous life with the mother Mandy longed for means leaving loyal Grandpa and the two friends who stood by her – one is her crush, and he’s totally crushing back. 

Last Call Logline #8

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Title: Anomaly
Genre: YA Fantasy

Fifteen-year-old Maya is the Yearbook Club nobody, the girl behind the camera capturing the lives of everyone cooler than her. After a genetic anomaly turns her into an unstable teleporter, she finally becomes the center of attention. But being the main focus exposes her to the horrors of near spontaneous combustion, juggling super human boys, and a web of lies. When a group of hell bent Anomalies poison Maya, nullifying her ability, she must rely on her camera and her wits to prevent them from starting an international crisis.

Last Call Logline #7

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TITLE: Rachel On Fire
GENRE: YA Contemporary

Rachel must travel to a small university town with her older brother Alex, and live with their quirky Aunt Millie for the summer. Armed with her favorite book, her journal and a healthy supply of chocolate, she knows that the summer will be one of the worst yet. Until Tom sits beside her on the bus. Tom - a loner at her high school rumored to have killed his parents in a house fire. Tom - a janitor by day, murderer by night. But those blue eyes. Those full lips. Are they really the makings of a cold-blooded killer? A kiss proves to Rachel that there is much more to Tom than anyone knows. Her body is drawn to him as much as her mind. Turns out, he's going to the same town she is. The truths that Rachel will uncover and embrace as she moves through a fiery series of firsts – first kiss, first make-out, first sex - with Tom exemplify her courageous fall into love.

Last Call Logline #6

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TITLE: Cassandra of the Crescent Moon
GENRE: MG Fantasy

When her grandmother is betrayed by a fellow witch and kidnapped by magic-hating vigilantes, twelve-year-old Cassie's only hope is a handful of witches sworn never to use their powers against others. Cassie must convince them to help find the traitor and stand up to the enemy – with or without magic – in order to rescue the only family she has left.

Last Call Logline #5

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Title: Codename Eagle Chick
Genre: YA Spy Thriller

When a Secret Service agent tracks down the president’s missing son, he finds him in hiding with a battered CIA recruit, an overly-suave CIA operative, and a lesbian, Irish coffee-loving tech guru who’s their only connection with the enigmatic intelligence powerhouse named Luthor. Together, they have to find “the faction” that wants the president’s son dead and stop their plan to profit from a potential world war with the U.S. and China at its center.

Last Call Logline #4

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TITLE: Dreamcatcher
GENRE: YA Speculative
When sixteen-year-old Lauren discovers she’s in a coma-induced, utopian dream world, she thinks it’s her lucky break. However, when she learns her real-life family is crumbling without her, her dream quickly becomes a nightmare. While she sleeps, her subconscious rules, and it will do anything to keep her from waking—even if it means driving Lauren insane.

Last Call Logline #3

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GENRE: MG Fantasy 

When eleven-year-old Timothy handles an object concealing dark magic there are unwanted aftereffects: grey fur and a ferocious appetite for cheese. A manuscript housed in a library offers hope of reversing his new mouse-like qualities, but he will need to use all his smarts to retrieve it as the lock on the door is forged from unbreakable magic.

Last Call Logline #2

Round 3 Original Post #32

Title: The Ones
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

It's not just the class bad boy's deep, sensitive eyes making Mina so obsessed: They're numerological soulmates, powerful 'double elevens.' When their Physics professor harnesses their energy to open doors between eleven parallel universes, the pair is torn from this world. Now, they must find their way home—in spite of the holes that keep ripping between dimensions each time they kiss. 

Last Call Logline #1

Round 2 Original Post #28

Genre: YA Thriller

When 17-year-old Mikaela infiltrates her parents’ assassin organization to save her boyfriend from becoming a target, she risks turning into a fulltime killer like her mom and dad after being forced to kill in the name of justice.