Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sprint to the Finish Discounts!

This is the final push to get more donations in.  All items left are due to close between now and Friday, but if you see something on the Race to Donate block that has already closed (without bids), place your bid anyway! It's all for a good cause, and I will honor it because it will benefit the funds even more.

And I'm taking one more step to nudge you awesome bidders even further...


That's right, discounts off multiple items won in the same day.  I'll offer $5 off to anyone who bundles 2 or more separate auction items, $10 off for 4 separate items, $15 off 6 separate items, etc. The only catch is you have to be the first to bid on each item, and it must be all together on the same day.  I'll apply the discount to your total in your winner notification email.

Friday night at 10 PM EDT marks the official close of the auction, so don't miss out on this last sprint to the finish!

And finally, if you've donated to the funds and work for a company that matches employee contributions, why not make your donation go even further by submitting it?  It's more for the funds, without it costing you anything extra.  If you do take advantage of this prior to Friday night at 10 PM EDT, make sure to let me know so that I may add it to the final tally!  If 50% of the donations made through this auction are matched, that would push us officially over the 10k mark.  How fantastic would that be??  I'll be back after the auction has officially closed with a note to announce the incentives winner(s) and to reveal the grand total raised.

Thank you, everyone, for all you've done.  Without you, this auction wouldn't have been this big of a success.  Together, we've made a difference and I couldn't be prouder. 



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