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Day 11 Item #2: Author Javier Robayo *RACE TO DONATE ITEM*

The Write Stuff for Boston Race to Donate Day 11
Item #2: Signed copies of THE GAZE, THE NEXT CHAPTER (THE GAZE SERIES #1 AND #2) and MY TWO FLAGS from Author Javier Robayo

You are bidding on:
·         Signed copy of THE GAZE (THE GAZE SERIES #1)
·         Signed copy of THE NEXT CHAPTER (THE GAZE SERIES #2)
·         Signed copy of MY TWO FLAGS (I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE…)
Opening Bid: $30
Auction Begins: Sunday 5/5 @ 10:00AM EDT
Auction Ends: Upon RACE TO DONATE bid--or--Sunday 5/12 @ 10:00PM EDT

About THE GAZE: As a sophomore in college, Samantha Reddick meets Tony Amaya, a brokenhearted young man, whose written words she keeps as a memento of a weekend long affair.  The words, written on the back of a paper placemat, become her only solid ground during a tumultuous decade that nearly destroys her,  leaving her searching for answers at the bottom of the bottle. 
Haunted by guilt and the constant menace from a man she once loved, Samantha searches for Tony and inserts herself into his life through an online friend request to his wife, Gwen.  Mutual curiosity opens the door to an unexpected friendship that becomes the catalyst of an inner battle between the better woman Samantha longs to be, and the Samantha who despises her own gaze.

About THE NEXT CHAPTER: In this sequel to The Gaze, the unique brand of love that's bonded Lewis Bettford and Samantha Reddick throughout their lives, faces its most challenging test as a life-altering event looms in the horizon.
Lewis is assailed by a sense of impending, drastic change that's aggravated when his ex-partner Terence rips the fabric of his identity with one simple truth, precipitating a quest for his true self that will forever alter the next chapter of his life.

About MY TWO FLAGS (I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE…): Antonio Amaya’s life revolved around his family, his friends, and one dream: to live in the United States.
When the dream becomes reality, the drastic change creates daunting challenges. Antonio endures exclusion and disdain from his new schoolmates by turning his disillusionment inward.   
Yearning to belong, he fills the pages of his notebook in the hopes of learning English.
But how does a thirteen-year-old overcome language barriers, racial slurs, and bullying while hiding his desire to return to his country from his parents, who have given up everything to live under two flags?

BIO: I arrived in the United States at the age of 13.  Unable to utter any more than a few words no American actually used, I began chronicling life in an effort to learn English while I translated.  Somewhere along the line, I fell in love with writing.
After graduating from high school in 1992, I attended Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania where I met the person who threw a monkey wrench into my plans as far as the career I was pursuing. Dr. Elizabeth Curry taught me the art of refining words through constant rewriting, and encouraged me to write. I've been doing it ever since.
I now live in Connecticut where I'm busy at work on my next novel.

Javier’s website:

Auction Terms:
    • Bid by posting a comment with your bid amount and email address; anonymous bidding is NOT allowed.
    • Do not bid unless you intend to pay that amount to the designated charity organization(s).
    • Bids are in U.S. Dollars.
    • Overbids are encouraged.
    • FIRST BIDDER WINS.  You may open bidding at more, if you’d like.
    • Winning bid is not final until the winning bidder is announced in the closing comment and notified by email (MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER IF YOU DO NOT SEE ONE IN YOUR INBOX). Winner notification will be sent within 24 hours of item’s end.  Winning bidder must donate the winning bid amount to the designated charity organization(s) and provide a copy of the receipt within 36 hours of notification.  In the event a bidder does not claim their item, the item will be considered “forfeited” and I will proceed to the next to second bidder, who will then have 24 hours to submit payment, and so on.
    • For physical items, unless otherwise noted, donor pays standard shipping within the U.S.; if winner is outside of U.S., winning bidder pays for shipping outside the U.S.
  • For more information, please visit the “About Write Stuff for Boston” page.

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