Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buyer's Remorse--December First Page Critique Round *Submissions Start Today!*

I’m calling this critiquing round “Buyer’s Remorse”.  This is for those of you who’ve entered a contest or submitted a first page somewhere, but didn’t receive the response you’d hoped for or maybe don’t understand why it wasn’t chosen.  Here is your opportunity to see what might have gone wrong and to help others with the same.

From Sunday, December 11 at until Wednesday, December 14 at , I will accept submissions. I will post them later that day right here at KTCROWLEY.COM for critiquing.
Please send submissions to ktcritiques [AT]
In the subject, please state “DECEMBER FIRST PAGE”

This round I will accept all genres and it is one entry per person, per genre (So you can submit 1 adult 1 YA/MG).
Please list the TITLE, GENRE and your SCREEN NAME (I will not include these in the critique posts) above your 250 words (format it the way you normally would).  Please do not stop in the middle of a sentence.  If it goes over the 250 limit by a couple of words, that's fine.  If you stop at say, 235 words, that's fine, too.
Your submission should look like this:

SCREEN NAME: Your Screen Name Here
TITLE: Your Title Here
GENRE: Your Genre Here
(Excerpt here.)
  • Please leave out "chapter one," chapter "titles", etc.  Otherwise, I may count them toward your 250 and you could lose some of your first page entry.
  • You will receive a confirmation email, but it may not be right away.  Only resend if you don't get one by the last hour of the submission window.  
If you enter, you must critique at least 5 other submissions (if there are only five, please critique all except your own).  This is so it's fair for everyone involved. 
I will accept up to 20 entries.
That’s it!  If you have any questions, please hit me up in the comments.
I hope we can fill up the 20 spots!  Spread the word.  :)


  1. Thanks for this opportunity. Just tweeted the good news : )

  2. Great opportunity. Just sent my page and now off to tweet, post on FB and send out to crit groups. Thank you KT. :-)