Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Inside Look Follower Challenge Reward #3 and then some

Here’s the “Inside Look” challenge reward:

Character: Zoey Novak
Age: 20
From: Seattle, Washington
Lives in: Los Angeles, California
With her fiery red hair and unique violet eyes, pixie-like Zoey may appear weak, but she’s a tough girl with a big heart.

So I’m making a little change to this challenge.  Instead of every 10 followers, I’m increasing it to 20.  Sorry!  The reason for the change is to add some more excitement to getting the rewards.  I’ve thought of the next follower challenge too, and it’s a good one.  I’ll reveal that once we’ve reached another 20 followers.

As for this blog, Facebook and Twitter (links on the right)-I’m open to questions and I love hearing from my readers, so feel free to contact me (I’m very approachable, promise!).  If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to read about, I’d love to hear those as well.  I want to give you the most interactive experience possible for me to give.  I’ll be posting the inner workings of my mind on FB/Twitter ( and @KTCrowley on Twitter) more often, so if you’re not following me on either of those sites, you may be missing out!  Me just being me, daily posts will let you see a more candid side of my personality.  Right now, I'm apologizing if I offend anyone ever, it's not my intention.  I just speak my mind and filter as best as possible, ha-ha.  Now, on to the newest blog post!           

Yesterday as I was driving to pick up my husband from the train station, I played out the first five pages of the sequel in my head.  It just came to me, out of the blue.  I can’t write and drive at the same time (no one should, its just not safe, ha-ha), so I kept repeating it, over and over, trying to keep it fresh until I could put it on paper.  Once I had the car in park and made sure my son was content, I whipped out my Droid and starting typing away. 

Now for anyone who knows me, I HATE my Droid-typing on it is such a headache and it can be really buggy sometimes.  I long for an iPad or a netbook that isn’t hard to travel with but can be there for times like that.  I normally carry a spiral notebook, but silly me switched bags and forgot to transfer it.  Ugh-I won’t do that again.

This happens to me all the time.  I do my best thinking in three places: The shower, the car and in bed-and it’s those three places that writing tools aren’t easily available (not so much in bed; my laptop is in the next room and I keep my phone and a notebook on my nightstand for such occasions of inspiration).  I’m not complaining; it’s those three places that I thought up the story that is Unnatural.  I just have to find a waterproof laptop for the shower with voice software for driving so I never miss a note, ha-ha.  My husband will love that.

I’m getting more and more excited each day.  The sequel is really taking shape and I can’t wait to name it so I can stop referring to it as ‘the sequel’.  It deserves a good, solid name and although I was really hoping to hold a vote on the possible title, it doesn’t look like we’re going to make it to 1000 followers by March 31.  There’s still time, but its okay if we don’t make it; there’s always the next book!


  1. You must get an iPad ASAP Katie! There are a TON of apps for situations just like this! You can even think about the Motorola XOOM as a strong alternative to the for thought my friend :)

  2. I'm working on it! Supply and Demand failures are keeping us from getting one! ;-)

  3. LOL yes you are so right my friend...Apple has MAJOR supply chain management failure that's for sure! They're supposed to release the iPad 2 in 26 countries on March 25th, good luck to them lol...

  4. Get the voice regonition software for you laptop...June