Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inside Look Finale Reward!!

The excerpt you’ve been waiting for is finally here!  Drum roll please………
My hands shook so hard I thought they might break. I knew what was going to happen, I had seen it-but could I stop it?

I could see Hayden walking down the street and I knew I had to make a decision, fast. But if I was wrong, how would I explain myself? I would have to tell him the truth and I knew what it would mean if I did. It’d mean the world I knew could come crashing down around me, piece by painful piece.

There wasn’t much time to act. My hands gripped the steering wheel so hard my knuckles turned white. My whole body was trembling now.

Would Dell really do it? He couldn’t, could he? It has to be a mistake, a glitch in my vision.  I had to be wrong, this one time. Please, let me be wrong. 

After convincing myself I was, I went to start my car to leave when the headlights in my rearview mirror made my decision for me.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge; it went by so much faster than I anticipated! 

Now, on to the next challenge!

I am going to do this one a bit differently.  I’m going to post another excerpt, but this time, lines will be missing.  For every 25 followers, I’ll fill in the blanks.  Here’s the big twist: I’ll still use the combined totals, but, whatever site gets the most followers in this challenge (Twitter, Facebook, or this blog) wins an extra little something at the end.  I’ll reveal to those followers exclusively the sequel’s working title, 3 days before I post it to the blog for the world to see.    

So where’s the fill-in-the-blanks excerpt?  You’ll see it-*smiling devilishly* once we reach the first 25. 

Let the games begin!

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