Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The First Post of the New Year...

Its 2011 and I'm so excited.  This is going to be a huge year (I hope) and I'm grateful to have my readers along for the ride.

Just a short post today to say I'm hard at work compiling scenes and dialogue for the untitled sequel.  My brain literally won't shut off, its insane how much I've come up with already.  Now I have to organize my thoughts and mold it into a complete story, which means I have a lot more nooks and crannies to fill in between what I have so far.

Unnatural was written pretty much start to finish with the exception of one scene, which is the idea that kicked off the novel.  For this one I'm a bit more scattered.  I've built the characters, the world, etc.; in the second novel I have to make that world continue to spin and grow without going overboard or killing it.  It’s a fragile process.  I can't jump in and keep the story moving, I have to weave in bits and pieces of the first novel to help keep the reader in the world with the most important jump off information.  It may sound easy to some but it’s actually not.  I have a novel that's over 350 pages and only a fraction of that needs to be peppered in to the sequel-in the right places to boot.  It’s logistical and strategic-sorta.  I have my work cut out for me.  I relish it.

My official sequel-writing kick off date is set for Monday.  I'm moving my office from one part of my home to another so that date is tentative pending its completion.  I'm so eager to get to it that I'll be running on all cylinders this weekend to get it ready for then.  I can’t wait!

By the way, 3 more fans to the next hint.  Have I mentioned how awesome my readers are?  ; - )


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