Friday, January 21, 2011

Here's the hint I promised last night

Here it is:

-It involves sports-

10 more followers to the next hint and 20 more to the reveal! 

After the reveal, I'll post another follower challenge in which the end result will be an excerpt from my novel. 

The big challenge I mentioned in December still stands; if I can reach 1000 followers by the end of March, I'll open a poll to vote on the possible title of the sequel.  It’s a far-fetched challenge, I know, but I'm curious to see how many readers want to be a part of choosing its name.  I think it’s a pretty cool way to involve my readers since, after all, you'll be reading it.  Who knows, this series could fulfill my dreams of great success and you could play a part in that.  ;-)  

My office, sadly, is still a work in progress.  It’s halfway there, which I'm happy to report.  Even if I can't start the actual writing process, I am doing my research, which is a huge factor in making a story and its locations, etc. believable.  I don't enjoy the research part so much, but I'm getting it done and out of the way so once I'm able to, I can focus completely on the story. 

I learned recently I have readers in twelve countries to date.  That is not only cool and amazing, but inspiring as well.  Knowing what I'm writing reaches that far is truly awesome.  Again, I thank everyone who reads this blog and follows me.  This novel (and series) is for a specific genre but I wrote it for readers of all types and for all ages.  It’s universal, like all of you, and when the time comes to release it I hope you see that and enjoy it as much I have enjoyed writing it.


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