Friday, April 1, 2011

Versus Challenge Reward #2

I've filled in the first missing line.  25 to the next one!

My eyes fluttered open. I was crouched in a dark hallway where the air was moist and smelled musty. I could hear someone talking, but I didn’t recognize the voice. It sounded like they were talking to someone on the phone, the conversation one-sided.
“******************.... *****************…. I can’t believe they were so careless, left her unprotected… *******************…”
********************, were they talking about me? Did they know about my visions?
I looked down the long, dark hallway for an exit; I had to get out. **************************. I could see a slit of light at the end, light from under a door. I ran full speed down the concrete hall, terrified for my life.
“Stop her!” Someone yelled.
A new voice came from behind me, sounding familiar, but I didn’t stop to see who it was. I stumbled, regained my footing and kept pushing forward. I made it to the door, ********************. It was huge. I’d never seen one that big, it looked too heavy for me. My hands brushed the cool metal handle as suddenly ********************…*

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  1. I want to read the WHOLE thing! Maybe vanity press??? : ) Keep up the good work - it is fun to watch you develop this!!