Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So what’s this manuscript about, anyway?

Good question.  Here’s a teaser I’ve been working on:

Alexa Lawton has good friends, a great family and she's about to start college across the country with her boyfriend and lifelong friend Dell Connery.  She considers herself to be an average teenager - only Alexa’s not average; she has visions of the future.  When she falls in love after meeting the handsome Hayden DeLane by chance, she starts to question everything she knows and soon learns that she possesses more than just the ability to see the future.  Worse, the people around her know she’s something special, and they’re willing to do anything to take advantage of her for their own dangerous motives. 

Unnatural is a powerful and compelling story about a young woman who experiences secrets, lies, betrayal and deception on her journey to discover who and what she is.  All while involved in a supernatural war she didn’t know existed and a love triangle she can't escape.

Now remember, this teaser is a 'work in progress'.  My hope is that it gives you enough insight to peak your interest without giving it all away.

Feel free to comment below to let me know what you think (you can also e-mail me at the address listed to the right) and to pass the word along on my blog; the support is greatly appreciated!

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  1. At this point I feel like i know every character in this story. For example i feel like we have plans this weekend to have lunch with Lexie. I love every character in this story and katie did such a great job to make the reader want to either love or hate that particular person. And the story will pull you right in. There is nothing like it out there. It has its own style which makes it very original. I cant wait for the final edit! Keep it up hun!!!!! You are so close!!!!