Monday, November 15, 2010

Music as a muse

I love music.  I was in performing arts for twenty years, so music has always been at my side.  Not only do I love the sounds and rhythms, I also love the lyrics and the meanings behind them.  Music itself can be a story.  If you listen carefully, it can trigger emotions and memories, good or bad, and it can speak to your soul.  So sufficed to say, music inspires me.

A lot of the music I listened to while writing Unnatural came from the same six artists:  The Fray, Paramore, The Bravery, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Flyleaf.  I know, completely random collection here.  I did sprinkle in other artists like Muse, Justin Nozuka and Michael Bublé, but these six particular artists I listened to on loop, especially the first three.  When I listened to their music, I would type and type until the music stopped playing, then I would do it all over again, the words just pouring out on to the screen.

One song I listened to over a hundred times in two days was “Say When” by The Fray.  That song helped me write one of the pivotal scenes in my novel, and I don’t think it would have come out the way it did if I hadn’t had listened that song.  It set the tone for the state of mind I needed to be in while writing it, and it helped me evolve the scene in to more than what I had originally planned for.

I’m about to start writing the sequel to Unnatural and I need some new music ideas.  To give you an idea of the vibe I’m leaning toward, I’ve already got Linkin Park, The Killers, Muse, and Flypside lined up.  So what I’m asking for from my readers is what music inspires you?  What artists, songs and albums have helped you through a tough time, played during one of your greatest moments or felt like it should be the track to your life?  Email me at with your play lists/suggestions.  Keep in mind, the music does not have to fall in to the same genre as the bands/artists listed above; I’m open to every genre.  Who knows, one just may wind up on the book’s soundtrack (because it’s not just movies that need a soundtrack) that I’m compiling. 


  1. Music plays a huge factor when it comes to writing. It helps you relax and think. Since writing Unnatural and the music you've been listening too I've been hooked to some of the bands you listened too. Paramore, Muse, and the Killers for example. I love that you have my fovorite band in your line up. LINKIN PARK!

  2. My Morning Jacket has made me cry, sing to the top of my lungs and just turn it up and sign along really loud.
    Check em out.

  3. Great suggestion, S! I took a listen today and I really liked what I heard. Thank you!