Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Well, That Was Unexpected...

In my last post, I talked about it being July already.  Now, it’s August.  Seriously, can time slow down, just a little bit? 

My vacation was great, relaxing and fun.  I only snuck online a couple of times, until my husband hid my laptop and phone from me, only giving it to me for good behavior.  What can I say, workaholics don’t take a break.  For those of you who had placed bets, I was online first thing Tuesday.  At least I made it through a long weekend before cheating on my vacation. 

My husband and I brought our son to a beautiful beach town north of where we live that Monday (hint: it’s where they filmed part of the movie “The Proposal”), and even though I sat in the shade the whole time we were on the actual beach, I still managed to turn as red as a lobster (that was three weeks ago, and my skin is still recovering)!  With that aside, it was so much fun watching my son play in the water and enjoy the sun and sand.  The next day we stayed at home and had a little pool party/BBQ, just the three of us.  Then we took a day trip to Rhode Island, spent some time with some special relatives who hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting my little guy yet.  That was a really special day.  Thanks again to my Aunt and Uncle for hosting us, it was such a treat.  The rest of the week was spent swimming, shopping and just spending time together.  It was exactly what we needed.

Then I learned something quite interesting on Saturday…  Something totally unexpected and really, really surprising… 

I’m pregnant again!

Now, before you go worrying that this blog is going to turn into a mommy-to-be gush fest with all the deets of my pregnancy and subsequent delivery over the next eight months, you can relax.  Besides dropping a line here and there to keep the folks who are interested up-to-date, this blog is going to continue to be about my journey to becoming a published author.  It won’t change until that happens—then it will become about being a published author, should I be so fortunate.  If enough people show interest, maybe I’ll start a separate blog documenting it—maybe.   

Anyway, I was totally shocked, as was my husband.  If I thought the pressure to success was intense before, I was way off.  Knowing that I have another little one on the way is super exciting (especially after what I went through to have my son), but I’m also freaking out.  Writing is a career I’ve chosen to pursue, but until I get a deal, I’m working for free, and a deal isn’t a guarantee.  Can’t feed two kids and pay a mortgage on that salary.  On top of it all is finding the time to work; my time before was limited with taking care of one child, now I will have two under the age of two as of March 2012.    

I’m pretty sure I just heard an “Oh boy”.

I’m remaining optimistic and I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe this is just another nudge I need to push me to query as I’d planned to this month.  I always find time to work, though; I’ll have to be more creative with my days and nights. 

If you missed my announcement on Twitter, I’m going to be writing at night now.  Due to a situation out my control, I’ve lost my daytime sitters for a short time.  It works out though, because my son’s schedule is changing again and this will give me time to adjust and figure out what works best for everyone involved by the time they start sitting for me again.  As long as I get some time to write, I’m happy.

Which brings me to something else I did on vacation—those times I snuck online and got my computer back for good behavior?  I used that time to start another YA series.  It was one of the half-dozen ideas I’d been developing, but it just struck me Tuesday and I had to write what had come to me.  I have the beginning and the ending done.  I can’t wait to work on it some more.

All in all, I’d say I had a pretty successful—and eventful—vacation.  I’ll be posting next week (if all goes as planned) my thoughts on grammar.  Until then, I burn the oil. 

Wish me luck.       

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  1. Sounds like a great holiday. Congrats on your news, very happy for you. THe main thing I have learnt form interviewign writers is that; even though they are busy with their kids - they have to make time to write. They carry note books with them and grab time while they are waiting in traffic, waiting in the doctors and of can always view time as research. Seeing how people interact with eachother, watching people.

    Best of luck!
    Let me knwo hwo you get on.