Friday, June 10, 2011

The Sequel Finally Has A Name!

You’ve all been waiting for it (some more patiently than others).  The long awaited working title to the 2nd novel in my Unnatural series is:


I chose this as the working title because it’s the word that best reflects what Lexi is up against in this next book.  I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to drop a comment below or email me at the address on the right.

And guess what?  I’ve already got plans for the 3rd novel in the works.  *Pauses for reaction*  I created a character for the 2nd novel I wound up loving so much, I decided he needed more of a main storyline than I had originally planned.  I actually wish I’d thought of him sooner!

Thanks to all my new followers and I hope you enjoy my blog.  My thoughts are pretty random, but I try to keep them somewhat organized.  ;-)

I’m off for now, but I’ll have another post real soon! 


  1. I just started reading your blog. It's wicked that your pumping out novels, are you doing self publishing? Forgive me if it's somewhere on the blog. Stay motivated!

  2. Thanks for reading!

    No worries at all--Right now I am pursuing traditional publishing, but come the new year if I haven't made an progress in that direction, I may adventure in to self-pub.

    I appreciate your support. I post a quote of the day almost daily to keep me motivated. Some days are harder than others, as I'm sure you know. There is so much more to the writing world than I ever knew, and it pays to stay positive!

    Happy Writing!

  3. Hi K.T.

    I came across your blog via Twitter and I love it.

    It is so cool to read about your journey into writing.

    Looking forward to your nest posts.