Friday, May 6, 2011

Versus Challenge Reward #7

First, Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the Mothers out there.  I hope you have an amazing day.

So here is the 7th reward.  I'm so excited! 
My eyes fluttered open.  I was crouched in a dark hallway where the air was moist and smelled musty. I could hear someone talking, but I didn’t recognize the voice. It sounded like they were talking to someone on the phone, the conversation one-sided.
Her gifts are formidable... It’s her, no doubt about it…. I can’t believe they were so careless, left her unprotected… We’ll take care of it…”
Formidable gifts, were they talking about me? Did they know about my visions?
I looked down the long, dark hallway for an exit; I had to get out. My spine tingled and my hands felt clammy. I could see a slit of light at the end, light from under a door. I ran full speed down the concrete hall, terrified for my life.
“Stop her!” Someone yelled.
A new voice came from behind me, sounding familiar, but I didn’t stop to see who it was. I stumbled, regained my footing and kept pushing forward. I made it to the door, ********************. It was huge. I’d never seen one that big, it looked too heavy for me. My hands brushed the cool metal handle as suddenly ********************…*
Only two more rewards until the end of this challenge!  Looking forward to posting the working title, especially since I've been hard at work on this sequel!  Blog post coming soon.  Ta-ta for now.

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